Specialisation: Chiropractic

Country: Singapore

Name: Dr Shara Downey

Dr. Shara Downeyis a licensed Chiropractor serving the Singapore community and is committed to promoting the health and well being of her patients. A graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto Canada, has been practicing in Singapore since 2005.

Dr. Shara understands the concept of living an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle, amongst the fast-paced Singaporean work environment. She enjoys working closely with each patient throughout their therapy and incorporating an exercise rehabilitation program. It is her goal to instil knowledge of how the body heals and strengthens as patients progress in achieving their health goals. She is best known for her gentle but firm adjusting style which incorporates diversified, SOT, activator, and drop-table adjusting techniques. She is particularly interested in empowering her patients to strengthen and maintain good health individually once they pass the pain-phase of their condition.

Dr. Shara has been a certified Canadian Fitness Professional specializing in aquatic rehabilitation since 1991. As a certified Athletic therapist she was responsible for training and rehabilitation of over 50 minor league Canadian football teams, and Canadian national team track’n’field athletes.

Dr. Shara has been laboratory lecturer for Trinity Western University (Canada) kinesiology department and a Clinical Diagnosis facilitator for Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, within the problem-based learning pilot program.

In Singapore, Dr. Shara has had the privilege to work with members of the national rugby team, Crossfit Singapore and the Canadian Dragons dragon boat team.

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